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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Talking About Diapers

There aren't many moms in my circle of influence that cloth diaper. Instead of finding this isolating, it's usually an interesting conversation starter. Most people are agape with disbelief that someone would elect to wash and rewash something that is pooped on when there are other options available, but I usually start out with the caveat that I "modern" cloth diaper. It's my way of communicating to my audience that I don't use the plastic pants our parents (or grandparents) used. I'll show inquiring minds the diaper on my baby and usually the conversation ends there. They understand that cloth diapering is not what they thought, but probably not for them. However, many times, I've planted a seed in their minds. Cloth diapering isn't an old fashioned practice any more.

With that, a few friends have asked me for more information. I like to invite them over and show them all the options that I have in my stash (pockets, AIOs, AI2s, snaps, aplix, one-size, sized). I also mention my favorite type, my husband's favorite type, and the most user-friendly. This changes depending on my current diapering needs, but BumGenius and Fuzzibunz are usually top the list.

After this if anyone wants more information, I discuss the big question on everyone's mind: poop. Once when my friend Maddie came over to inquire about my unique cloth diapers, I was able to show her exactly what I did with a soiled diaper: spray, separate the insert, and put in a pail. That's the worst of it. If she could handle what I just did, then she would be an excellent candidate for cloth diapering.

She thought it over and e-mailed me to have me write my tips, explanations, and favorite brands. Next I heard, she was shopping during a BumGenius sale and began her cloth diapering journey.

I can't say that I was the reason she started, but I know I helped. The biggest selling factor for her was the value. Cloth diapering is interesting in that the investment can be recovered by reselling used diapers. So there's always the fact that if cloth diapering isn't a good fit, you haven't wasted anything. I love this about cloth.

Someone once said that I should do at-home parties. They do them for candles, kitchen utensils, makeup, and everything in between, why not diapers? Part of me loves the idea, and I think some local companies might do something like it. But right now, I don't talk about diapers as a job, I am just passionate. It's a weird hobby, but at least it's useful.

This enthusiasm has also led me to be a digital resource since I am associated with cloth diapering. Friends will tag me in a Facebook post to answer questions. I often refer them to and the affiliated sites since it's more user-friendly than a huge message or email from me.

But it's easy to spread the word about cloth diapering. And I am always surprised by who uses cloth. It's not always the person you'd think, so never be afraid to talk about it. For every cloth diaper we use, that's one less to end up in a trash can.

Bio: Alicia is an 8th grade English and Drama teacher and is a pretty crunchy momma. She shares her Arizona home with a wonderful husband, energetic 3 year old, sweet 2 month old, 1 crazy dog, and 7 happy chickens.

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Kelly Johnson said...

Love this! I know that when I started I looked all over the internet because most of my friends did not use cloth diapers. I tell everyone that I do, and in turn, I have people ask me about it. I love telling people about them. I think everyone should try it at least once.