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Monday, April 29, 2013

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Real World: Cloth Diapers

As a society, we have an obsession with reality television. It started with The Real World and has exploded to include such gems as Splash: Celebrity High Dive and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (no judgments). Although a reality series on cloth diapering has yet to be picked up by the major syndicates, many of us would love to look into the lives of other cloth diapering families.

This is when it gets real.

At the time of this post, my sweet daughter is 10 weeks old (how is this POSSIBLE?!?!). I am nearing the close of my maternity leave and preparing to return to work in 2 short weeks. Here is what an average day looks like in our house:

6:15 am Morning wake up call by the little one. First diaper change of the day is a wet diaper, changed into a crushed berries FuzziBunz. Shortly after the morning diaper change, I turn on the Keurig and settle in for her first morning feeding.

7:00 am A little playtime, which at this point consists of me making crazy high pitched noises and goofy faces in attempt to get baby girl to coo and smile at me. During our “playtime”, I feel a little rumble down below, which can only mean...

7:20 am Diaper change #2, definitely a dirty one. Changed into a grape FuzziBunz. I lay her in the swing so I can play poo blaster with the diaper sprayer.

7:45 am Baby falls asleep in the swing (jackpot!) so mama heads to the kitchen to make a little breakfast and empty the dishwasher.

8:20 am She’s awake. Begin diaper change #3, changed into an apple green FuzziBunz. During this change, I realize she still has some poo on her ankle from the last change. (Remember, no judgments)

8:30 am Second morning feeding and a little cuddletime.

9:30 am Nap #2 in the crib. I quickly shower and get dressed for the day, followed by picking up the living room and cleaning up breakfast dishes.

11:15 am Nap is over and we have moved on to diaper change #4, into a crushed berries FuzziBunz. I put a little DVR on TV and feed baby girl for the third time.

11:50 am It’s time for mama to have some lunch. I pop a frozen lunch into the microwave and try to keep the baby from crying while she lies in the play gym. I shove my face with a salad and some macaroni and cheese before getting ready for...

12:15 pm Diaper change numero cinco, a wet diaper. She is changed into a cotton candy FuzziBunz and then I put her in the ring sling so we can do some diaper laundry. I grab the pail liner from her room and head to the basement, dump everything into the washer and set a quick wash on warm, with no detergent.

12:30 pm We head back upstairs to attempt Tummy Time, which is really more like Torture Time because she hates it. I lay on the ground with her for about 10 mins before I reward her with a lunchtime feeding.

1:15 pm We run down and put detergent in the washer and set a hot wash with an extra rinse. After heading back upstairs, we head into the nursery for diaper change #6, into a mac and cheese FuzziBunz.

2:15 pm A quick afternoon feeding for the baby and then its back in the ring sling before getting the diapers out of the wash. We head outside to hang the covers in the sun. Then a little vacuuming, which promptly puts my sweet girl to sleep.

3:00 pm During afternoon naptime, I catch up on email, do a little blogging, take some time to sit down and relax a bit. Mommy me time is essential.

5:15 pm Sleeping beauty awakens and she is ravenous. Diaper change #7 into a white Rumparooz before evening feeding #1.

6:00 pm Hubby is home from work. Now the real work begins. Get dinner ready and enjoy a little adult conversation before bathtime.

7:00 pm Diaper change #8, some bubbles and silly songs before bedtime. Then bedtime feeding and snuggles before going down for the night.

8:00 pm Little one is tucked into her crib for the night. Now its time to take the covers off the line, fold some wipes and stuff a few pockets. I enjoy some one on one time with the hubby, maybe start another load of laundry or just relax and watch a little TV, then off to bed to start all over again the next day.

What does your daily routine look like? Share below!

Lindsay is a first time mom to a 2 month old little girl and a crazy dog. She lives with her quiet husband in Illinois and is slowly navigating the journey of motherhood one cloth diaper change at a time. Follow her adventures at


Chelle said...

I have to ask, is your 8pm feeding/changing the last one for the night until 6am? I have 13 week old twins (8 weeks adjusted age) and am struggling with a nighttime schedule. I'm not quite sure what "bedtime" should be and if that really means bedtime, or if there's still additional feedings in there before morning. Thanks!

Marisa said...

Love this little slice of life. I forgot how much small babies nap! :-)

Anonymous said...

What detergent do you use on your cloth? Thanks!