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Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Dad Gives a Thumbs Up for Thirsties Duo All-In-One

My husband is not a fan of cloth diapers. Well, that's not true. He is just not a fan of the majority of the cloth diapers in our stash! The snaps closures confuse him. (It is tough to wrestle a diaper onto a toddler, especially one that snaps closed – so I’ll give him a pass there!) He always has issues with them leaking (probably because of how he snaps them), and he’s constantly asking me, "I have to put what insert where?!" Needless to say - when I leave my son with him for more than a couple of hours, he ends up putting him in disposables, because they're "easier".

So, I was on the hunt to add some more "daddy-friendly" diapers to our stash, because I was tired of taking out diaper trash twice a week. I obviously needed something that didn't require snapping or stuffing, but was also budget-friendly.

Right about the same time, Thirsties debuted their new "Polka Dance" print for the Duo All-In-One. I was in love with the design. I had to have it! But now that my son is so close to potty-training, I try not to be swayed too much by the cuteness of cloth diapers (otherwise I would buy them all!)

So, my love of polka dots aside, I had to make sure this was a diaper that would serve its purpose. An all-in-one diaper with hook & loop closure, under $20, that’s made in the USA? It's like they were reading my mind. SOLD!!!

When we received the diaper, it went right on the bum! It's surprisingly trim for an all-in-one, and the fit is awesome on my super tall almost 2 year old. (A lot of other diaper brands are getting too low in the rise at this point, but we still have a little room to grow in Thirsties!) I was slightly concerned that my husband would think the polka dots were too girly for our boy...but it is actually a very gender neutral print!

I am really impressed with the quality of Thirsties. The hook & loop fasteners are very sticky. So sticky, in fact, that my son does not attempt to take the diaper off! (Seriously, could these diapers get any better?!) They’re lightweight, while still being very absorbent for my heavy wetter. We have not had any leaks! They do take a little while to dry, as most all-in-ones do, but I have been flipping ours inside out before I put it in the dryer and that seems to help speed up the process.

Despite how much I love this diaper - the real tester was my husband. Is this something he would actually put on our son on a regular basis? Well, we've been using this diaper for a few weeks now, and I’m happy to report that it has received a "thumbs up" from Dad! He's actually asking me to buy more! (This is the first time my husband has ever encouraged my cloth diaper "hobby"! It's a win-win situation!)

So nice to see a happy cloth diapering daddy! Mission accomplished!

Bio: I’m Allie, The Practically Green Mom. I’m a green(ish), mostly vegetarian, coffee addicted mommy of a toddler boy, and wife of a (formerly) cloth-diaper-phobic husband.

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Kayla said...

I totally agree about the daddy phobia thing. I bought Rumparooz covers in aplix for my boyfriend and completely forgot about the prefold. We snappied them when she was first born, but now she is too big. Now we trifold and no problems! I will have to try the Thirsties! I love their covers!