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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Twenty Uses for Wet Bags Besides Cloth Diapering

Confession time, how many wet bags do you have?  My daughter has been potty trained now for 1 1/2 years.  While we have no plans of having additional children and have sold most of our diapers (besides a few I'm sentimentally holding on to), I still have ALL of my wet bags.  I think I have 10-12 total wet bags in all different sizes and several different brands - I'm afraid to go count them.  Why have I saved them?  Here are twenty uses for wet bags besides cloth diapering...
  1. Snack or lunch bag.  They actually work really great for my daughters snacks that she takes to preschool.  
  2. Beach bag.  We keep on in the car when we go to the beach to hold our phones, wallets, and keys to keep them dry and sand-free while we play.
  3. Daycare uses.  Leave a wet bag with your daycare for your toddler after they have potty trained for any accidents they may have.  Our daycare uses grocery bags but I'd rather have everything inside a wet bag.  We keep one in her cubby filled with clean clothes so they remember to send it home with the dirties.  
  4. Wet bathing suits.  If you're changing out of wet bathing suits and the beach or pool you can keep the drippy messes contained inside your wet bag for the trip home. 
  5. Dog food.  When we travel with our dog we fill a wet bag up with enough food for the trip.  
  6. Travel toy tote.  Fill a wet bag with some toys for your kids on road trips.  Each kid gets to fill their bag with a few special toys.
  7. Travel art tote.  A medium size wet bag will hold a few coloring books, crayons, markers, and other art supplies for your little Picasso!  This is a great thing to take with you to a restaurant.  
  8. Cooler.  Fill with ice and your favorite beverages and keep them cold when on the road.  Some wet bags work better than others for containing the melted water so you may want to keep an eye on this one.  
  9. Ice bag or boo boo bag.  Fill it with ice and apply to boo boos!  I sprained my ankle a few months ago and it actually worked really well as I elevated my ankle for a few weeks.  Again, some bags work better than others for containing the melted water.  
  10. Clean up bag!  Does you child pull EVERY toy out of their room and leave them in the living room?  At the end of the day give each child a wet bag and tell them to fill it up with toys to take back to their room.  They won't feel so overwhelmed at the chore if you make it fun and don't overwhelm them.  
  11. Vomit bag.  Suffer from motion sickness in the car?  It never fails, if we start a road trip really early in the morning my son will throw up.  We keep a wet bag in the car now, it's much easier to clean up!
  12. Cosmetic case.  If you travel you know how annoying it can be when one of your lotions spills in your bag and gets your clothing wet.  Keep all your cosmetics, lotions, toners, and anything spillable inside a wet bag.  
  13. Kitchen wet bag.  If you've made the switch to un-paper towels and use towels and washcloths in the kitchen you may need someplace to store soiled rags until wash day.  Use a wet bag with a handle and snap it to a drawer handle or stove pull.  You can even coordinate them with your kitchen decor. 
  14. Mama cloths and menstrual cups.  If you've made the switch to mama cloths and menstrual cups you may need someplace to store your soiled pads until wash day.  Bonus, your spouse won't have to see the disposables filling up the trashcan!  
  15. Library tote.  Take a bag with you to the library to carry your kids books and videos home with you.  Each child can fill up the wet bag with books for the week.
  16. Produce bag.  Skip the disposable plastic bags from the produce department and use a wet bag instead.  Fill it up with your apples, oranges, and bananas at the grocery store or farmers market.
  17. iPad/Laptop tote.  A small or medium wet bag is perfect size for most iPads/tablets and small laptops.  Just know that it won't provide any shock protection if dropped but it will keep it dry if it starts raining while you are out.  My son has a school issued iPad during the school year and a wet bag helps to keep it dry in his backpack.  
  18. Gift bag.  If you're going to a baby shower, birthday party, or just need a bag for a gift reach for a wet bag instead.  It's a perfect add-on gift for a new parent!  
  19. Pillow case.  A friend of mine uses her wet bag as a pillow case for a toddler sized pillow.  It's an itti bitti minkee wet bag and her daughter loves snuggling with it at nap time.  
  20. Breastfeeding pump parts.  If you are a working mom who needs to pump at work you can discreetly hide your pump parts in a wet bag if you need to tote them around the office.  Pump in privacy!  It would also be a great place to store wet nursing pads.
Do you have a wet bag addiction?  What are some of the unusual uses that you've found for your wet bags? 

Author: Calley is the Social Media Manager for Kelly's Closet and the blogger behind The Eco Chic.  She is a very busy, working mom of 2.  

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