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Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Why Should You Shop at Kelly's Closet?

A recent thread in the Cloth Diaper Support Group caught my attention. A Facebook fan was inquiring about Kelly's Closet and wondered: "Is it a good place to shop? How is the customer service?" Many group members chimed in with their experiences shopping at Kelly's Closet and there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the store:

"I have been ordering from KC since 2002. Every single order has arrived earlier than I expected and has always been exactly what I ordered! The free stuff has been awesome! I have never had a problem with [Kelly's Closet] and when I have a question I always get a prompt answer." ~Kelly K.

"Once you get enough [Kelly's Closet rewards] points, you can trade then in for gift certificates. The best place to order from by far. I've gotten at least 8 free diapers and have never paid for shipping." ~Jaime S.

I really wish I would have known about Kelly's Closet when I was first starting my cloth diaper stash. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of placing most of my orders directly from cloth diaper manufacturer's websites and completely missed out on opportunities to use coupons. I was new to cloth diapering and I hadn't heard that I could earn 5% of my purchases back in reward money and get free diapers with coupons from Kelly's Closet. I first heard about Kelly's Closet through a blog and then I ended up on the Kelly's Closet website again during the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. Kelly's Closet was an extreme sponsor during the Hunt and I spent a lot of time looking around the website. I was really impressed by the variety of merchandise available. I realized I could do all my shopping in one place and earn free diapers in the process. I placed my first order from Kelly's Closet and I was hooked.

What I really love about Kelly's Closet is that they are constantly coming up with ways to keep me excited about cloth diapering and their great customer service really showed when I placed a recent order. I had added a few items to my cart and then came back a few weeks later to add more items and complete my check out. I got to the finalize purchase screen and I realized I had forgotten to check what size T-shirt I had ordered for my 3-year-old. Instead of going back to verify the sizing, I wrote a note in the comments section at checkout. I was also using a coupon code for a free cloth diaper, so I made a comment about wanting a "boy" color diaper or something gender neutral. By the time I was done, I had about a paragraph worth of "notes" for the poor staff member who would be fulfilling my order. A few days later my order arrived and to my delight I found the correct size T-shirt and a free Grovia AIO Robots print diaper. I was beyond pleased with how my order turned out despite me being a completely disorganized customer. I will certainly keep coming back to Kelly's Closet over and over again. After my children are done with diapers I'll still be returning to buy my laundry detergent, CJs lotion, and sunscreen.

Bio: Nissa is a researcher and writer working in the life sciences. In her free time, she enjoys writing about natural parenting, cloth diapering, and eco-friendly living at Cloth Diaper Guru.

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Anonymous said...

We just bought from Kelly's Closet for the first time and were really happy with the purchase. We used a "free diaper with purchase" coupon code and were thrilled to see that it was a Kawaii pocket, as we'd been wanting to try it as an overnight diaper. LOVE the Kawaii diaper! The prices are comparable with our local store, but better selection.