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Sunday, January 26, 2014

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Cloth Diapers to the Rescue

Do you really save money with cloth diapers? This is a frequently asked question, personally I will say yes! you can really save money using cloth diapers, I know that the initial cost of cloth diapers may scare people away for even thinking about using them, and I say this because when I was looking into cloth diapers and I saw that the price for just one diaper was more than a store brand box of disposable diapers, it made me not even want to look at cloth anymore, but because my husband is the sole provider of our household that made me stick with the idea of using cloth diapers - not to mention the beautiful prints and colors that cloth diapers have- so I kept researching on how cloth diapers save money and the stories that I found where the ones that convinced me to start using cloth diapers on my baby boy, not to even mention the health and environmental benefits of cloth diapers, so the rest is history because I started building my stash, little by little, I was using cloth diapers part time while I was building my stash, when I finally had about like 25 diapers between Pockets, AIO, prefolds, flats, fitteds and covers I decided to start using them full time on June 2013.

Now when my husband lost his job a couple of months back, my cloth diapers came to the rescue! Our little cloth diaper stash started looking like super heroes. If it wasn’t for cloth diapers we probably would not have been able to provide food for our kids; when you use cloth diapers you don’t have to worry if you need “x” dollars for “x” amount of disposable diapers packages, you don’t have to reuse the same dirty disposable diaper or let your baby stay with the same disposable diaper for hours to make it count, with just one cloth diaper I was able to save those “x” dollars because I was just rewashing the diaper and use it again and again, and I know people say that you are wasting water in every wash, just let me tell you that just one disposable diaper uses more water in the fabrication plus it contaminates our landfills more than you can imagine. So getting back to our rescue mission If you don’t have a washer and dryer, like me, you can hand wash and I know it’s a little of work when you hand wash but I think I rather hand wash than let that precious money go away, so I started using a plunger and my baby’s bathtub, but you can use your bathtub or a bucket, and with a good detergent my diapers were ready to use, one thing about hand washing it’s that is a good exercise. Every time I was putting a clean diaper on my son I was thankful to God for cloth diapers, they were there every day, I didn’t have to worry about running low on diapers and not having the sufficient amount for one package of disposables.

So if you are struggling financially I recommend you 100% cloth diapers; flats or prefolds plus covers are the cheapest options in the market and they are not really that difficult as they seem. And don’t worry about the poop because when you become a mother you have to deal with poo using disposables or cloth diapers. So now when somebody asks me - Do you really save money with cloth diapers? I will respond, YES! Because just like Clark Kent, cloth diapers are super heroes.

*My husband was looking for jobs he did not stay on the couch in all this time, now He just got a job on January 2nd.

Bio: Fatima is a mom of two gifts of God, a 5 year old girl and a 9 month old boy and she writes a blog about cloth diapers in Spanish and her family life at

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