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Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Doing Disney in Cloth

My family and I recently became annual pass holders at Disneyland. Many people who know us know we CD and scoffed you can’t use cloth diapers at Disneyland or at any amusement park for that manner. I set out to prove them wrong. Disneyland opened in 1955 and what do you think babies were wearing back then? So yes its totally possibly to CD while having a fun day at Disney.  Here is my best tried and true CD during Disney or during any day away from home tips. Note, I am not a fan of the changing stations in the restrooms as most are made of marble and a hard and have no sanitary liners to put down, on a busy day you could be waiting in line to get in and change a diaper. My baby throws a fit on the changing table and hates being wet so I have to think outside of the box to change diapers.

  • Ditch the diaper bag and opt for a backpack. It’s easier to carry and stow and organize. Opt for one with at least two big compartments. One big compartment is for diapers only that way everything else in the bag like baby food won’t be with dirty diapers.
  • Opt for a trim AIO like GroVia, Bottombumpers, or Simplex. Easier to pack trimmer diapers. If you can get a few Velcro diapers it makes for a quick change.
  •  If you don’t like AIO’s adding a Thirsties hemp insert in the place of on MF makes in my opinion a trimmer and more absorbent diaper.
  • If you’re worried about the urine starting to smell bring a small zip lock bag with a little baking soda and sprinkle into the wet diapers.
  • Bring two wet bags one for clean so your not digging for a diaper and they are easy to find with a squirmy baby and one for wet/dirty diapers.
  • Both Disney parks have a Child Care station on Main Street. This includes a changing station with a dunk toilet. 
  • If Main Street is too far away Tom Sawyer Island is a good place to change a diaper as there are some more secluded and scenic places to sit.  This is also handy if you have a distracted baby and need to Nurse.
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country on both levels have a nice view and tables in the back where if needed you could nurse/change baby without that many people looking on.
  • In Toontown there is a “park” next to Goofy’s house that has benches where you could nurse and change a CD if your not a fan of the restroom.
  • If carrying wet diapers is not on your agenda opt for a few Flip shells and the disposable liners. You can wipe the shell with a wipe between changes. After a few changes then swap for a new shell.
  • There are handicapped stalls with sinks and family restrooms located in the park. Add a Disney map app and you can usually find one near you. You can hand wash or rinse diapers in the sink and will have more room and privacy.
  • If you use reusable wipes use a small zippered pouch to hold the clean ones and opt for a travel size spray bottle from the trial size section of the store to carry your wipe solution in.
  • Make sure to pack at least 1 diaper for every 2-3 hours if that is how often you change at home. I always bring a few spares just in case.
Disneyland can be done easily with cloth diapers. We go with three kids and one backpack. If you plan ahead and pack well you can easily carry cloth diapers, baby food, a change of clothes, and a few extras with no issues. What I cannot stress enough of is making sure you bring your trimmest diapers. You do not have to buy new diapers you can simply add a disposable insert at a low cost or buy a few hemp or bamboo inserts that are trimmer to make your favorite pockets trimmer and more absorbent. Its likely our Grandmothers CD’ed on the go as well with less fabulous diapers then we have today so if they can do it we can too.

Bio: Megan Beaver is a 30 something, a bad mother runner, baby wearing, and cloth diapering domestic goddess. She has three kids ranging from seventeen to one and hails from So Cal.

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Pickle said...

We just did cloth at Disneyland this past Christmas! I found it super easy to cd there (we do covers and prefolds) even had a few people ask about our cloth!