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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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When You Can't Afford Sloomb

During the 6 months that I’ve been cloth diapering and lurking on cloth diaper groups and forums, the most common problem that comes up is night time leaking. Some people have given up completely and just use disposables at night, because it’s just so frustrating. The most commonly suggested solution to the problem is to use fitteds with wool covers. So many cloth diapering families swear by them. I’ve never used a fitted, but I have one wool cover and it’s seriously awesome.


Most fitteds and covers are just way out of a lot of people’s price range. It’s hard for me to spend $20 on one diaper, much less $30! But there is life outside of Sloomb, I promise. As awesome and fool proof as those luxurious covers and snapless fitteds are, you can find a solution for your family that doesn’t make you hide receipts from your husband! So here are a few budget friendly options for you :

Hemp inserts or flats. For as little as $3.00, you can purchase Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers. I layer these behind a bumGenius microfiber insert and my little guy sleeps in his diaper for 10+ hours with no leaks, no red marks, no rashes, no problems. I have three doublers and three flats and I only use them at night. Occasionally, I’ll stuff a pocket with a tri-folded flat and I LOVE how trim and absorbent it is. You can also still go the Sloomb/Sbish route and try their Bamboo Doublers or Bamboo Flats.

Or how about just investing in a few nighttime inserts? Best Bottoms has super thick and absorbent nighttime inserts that are totally affordable.

If you really want to find away to use fitteds and covers, there are inexpensive options. Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted is only $16.50 and you can pair that with an Imagine Baby Cover for $10.95. The great thing about waterproof covers is that you can use them over and over again. Just rinse off in the morning and air dry. It’ll be ready to go again by bed time.

The great thing about Kelly’s Closet is that even if you decide to go the more expensive route, you can still snag a great deal because the coupon codes basically just demand you hand over all the monies. I’m currently saving up loose change to get a Sbish fitted. (Have you seen the new prints coming out?? I DIE.) Hmm. I wonder if they’ll let me pay in quarters…

Bio:Kristen LaValley is a cloth diapering, scatter brained, sarcastic blogger at She can be seen rocking a top knot and a spit up stain just about every day…cause that’s how she rolls.

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Manddi said...

I am allergic to wool so we no that will be out of the question when baby arrives. A friend who loved wool and fitteds recommended Lollidoo fleece pockets stuffed with hemp inserts for nighttime. We can't wait to try them!