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Sunday, August 3, 2014

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Ode to CJ’s

Cloth diapers are kind of a gate way drug to other natural, eco-friendly items. CJ’s BUTTer is one of my favorite products and I am grateful that it was one of the first products we discovered through cloth diapers. At first I just thought it smelled amazing compared to the mainstream diaper creams. There are so many scents to choose from and so far I haven’t found a single one that isn’t nose heaven. A bonus point is the fact that CJ’s doesn’t have any ingredients I can’t pronounce and it keeps my babies’ bottoms rash free. I became a loyal consumer.

A few months after discovering it, I started putting CJ’s on everything. Got a cut, bug bite, burn? Eczema flaring up? Hey, I’m out of lip balm, eye makeup remover, lotion… Seriously, maybe I should start peddling this stuff to strangers on the street as a miracle skin cure all because I use it no matter what the skin ailment in our house. And it works! It’s rare that I get really excited about a product, but this is one worth getting excited about; especially in a house full of people with skin sensitivities like mine. I had a plethora of creams to combat my toddler’s (and my own) eczema but we don’t need them anymore because CJ’s works for us.

While I love the CJ’s BUTTer tubs for use as a cream, lotion, hair smoother, and general boo-boo cure all the spray is fantastic for quick diaper changes. I also love it paired with a reusable makeup remover pad to get rid of eye makeup and stubborn lip sticks. The sample size tubs are great to put with baby shower gifts or even in a makeup gift bag. With all the fun scents, even teens can love CJ’s and it doesn’t contain some of the whacky ingredients that other lip balms, glosses, and makeup removers do. The sample tubs fit perfectly in a diaper bag, purse, or even your pocket.

With all this CJ’s BUTTer love floating around, I thought I’d write a little ode to CJ’s. Hey, there are crazier things in the cloth diaper world to write a love note to….right?

CJ’s BUTTer don’t you know,
All the places you will go.
Baby’s bottom red and mean?
A little butter will make it gleam.

Runny nose all red and puffy?
CJ’s BUTTer can tackle this toughie.
Pick a scent that smells quite nice;
Rub it on once or twice.

Chapped lips achy and sore?
Add a little CJ’s and chapped no more.
Sun and wind burns stand no chance,
Let’s do the CJ’s BUTTer happy dance!

A breastfeeding mom’s best friend,
Why CJ’s it looks like you’ve started quite the trend.
Cuts and scrapes, oh the ouches!
I bet even kangaroos stash CJ’s in their pouches.

Did you know it can take away makeup raccoon eye?
And stubborn lip stain say bye-bye!
I’ve tried to think of what it can’t do,
But it has me stumped hard and true.

CJ’s BUTTer did you know?
About all these places you can go.
CJ’s BUTTer now you know,
Many more places than baby’s bums you’ll go.

So, have you tried CJ’s BUTTer yet? Are you hooked? Using it for a million things and hoarding it in several scents? Ah, you see, I knew it wasn’t just me. ;)

Bio: Ashley is a stay at home mom with two crazy, fun loving little boys. She blogs about life with young children and her adventures with them including sewing, cloth diapers, green living, and every day parenting at:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ashley! You have summed up my love for CJ's BUTTer more eloquently than I ever could!!CJ's BUTTer does amazing things for making previously dry cracked feet look great in sandals quickly and as a cuticle cream too!

Anonymous said...

Live CJ's