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Monday, August 4, 2014

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I Don’t Like This Diaper, Now What?

All cloth diapering mothers have at least one diaper they don't like. So the question is what you do when you get a cloth diaper that you don't like? For instance I got a Bottombumpers diaper I didn't like it at first because It leaked. Then I went online and looked the diaper up and I realized that the diaper was natural fibers and need to be washed more than once to reach full absorbency. After a couple washes the diaper was fine. I still use it today. My point is the first question you should ask when you try diaper and you don’t like it is did I prep the diaper right? The second question to ask is it adjusted properly check the manufactures website and make sure the diaper is fitted properly.

Fit issues will cause a leaks sometimes, if its too tight or too loose. Check the risers and the elastic if you have Fuzzibunz or Softbums. Some diapers will require trial and error to find the right fit before they work for you. Sometimes you don't like a a diaper for no specific reason my suggestion is just is to wash it and put it back the bottom of your rotation give it a couple days before you to try it again. If it's still not working for you give it one more try after three uses if the diaper doesn't work for you it's time to just decide whether not you want to get rid of it or save it and go back to it later and see if you like later on.

One of the best suggestions I have is if you don't like a specific diaper go to a B/S/T group that is specific to the brand online and see how much the diaper is selling for. You can usually sell as like new condition if you've only used it a once or twice and there are no poop stains on it. If you're only going to lose a couple of dollars cutting your losses and not buying that type a diaper anymore may be for the best. It also look and see if you could trade that diaper for specific diaper.

Let’s say you buy a diaper and it didn't work out for you and you like a certain brand you can go to the group the diaper you don't like is for and say can I trade it for a certain diaper. Many brand specific groups have moms that offer and ask for other brands in exchange for said brand. If your like me at I was on a budget and I chose diapers that were cheaper not necessarily for their features, so when I added more diapers to my stash I gifted a couple of the diapers I was not in love with to someone else who needed them more than I did. Guess what they worked for her and she loved them. Last but not least if you use the diaper once and truly hate it contact the person or place you bought the diaper from perhaps they can exchange it or help you resell it.

Bio: Megan is the mother of three who lives in Socal.

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