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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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And the Rumparooz Have It! - My Favorite Cloth Diaper

After many months of trying different cloth diapers, and being placed on a “buying freeze” by my husband, I have finally found a cloth diaper that works for us! My new obsession is Rumparooz. My son is constantly leaking through all of his cloth diapers even though I am changing him every two to three hours. It may be because he is now constantly on the move. Even if that is not the case, his leaking has caused me many headaches and many extra outfits in the laundry.

I have purchased Rumparooz over the past 18 months and casually used them in my cloth diaper rotation. I never fully committed to them because I thought the fit was too tight on my son. Now I have learned that the more snug fit is much better at preventing leaks. I should have known! You would think it would have clicked over the past few months that a snug fit is a better fit, but sadly my mommy brain did not figure it out.

What I love about Rumparooz is not only the snug fit, but the way I can snap in the additional soaker to help with our leaking issue. If I know he is only going to be in his diaper for a short period I use a Rumparooz that I have pre-stuffed with a single soaker. If I know he is going to wear them for a longer stretch than I use the Rumparooz I have stuffed with the extra insert. Sometimes I feel as though he isn’t going to be able to crawl or walk because the fit is so snug, but he manages just fine.

I am also a big fan of the aplix feature. I know a lot of people love their snaps, but I just have no luck with them. With a squirmy little boy it is almost impossible for me to hook every snap before he wiggles his way off his changing table. With the aplix, I just pull around quickly and poof! He is ready to go! Plus, I feel as though I am able to get a better fit with the aplix. I know there are complaints that the aplix does not last as long, but I have not had any issues with the aplix at all. In fact, I have actually lost a few snaps along the way, but have never had an issue with the aplix starting to pull loose or catch extra fuzzies.

I know we all have obsessions with the cute patterns of all cloth diapers, but Rumparooz patterns are by far my favorite! I prefer a more fun and perky cloth diaper with an adorable pattern than one that is just a plain color. Rumparooz offers many different patterns that work for boys and girls. It is hard to choose my favorite!

But the main reason I love Rumparooz is the gussets they have inside the diaper. My little guy has a tiny heiney, so a lot of cloth diapers are just baggy on him. Even if I don’t get a super snug fit because of his wiggling ways, I am confident they won’t leak because of the gussets inside. I feel as though they are an extra barrier to catch any possible leakage going towards the edges. It is as though it keeps everything safely away from the sides which helps prevent leakage. It is just an added protection that helps put my mind at ease when my little guy is crawling around like a maniac.

I am sad now that I have found a diaper that works for us that I will have to start to destash. I feel as though my poor little cloth diapers that are no longer getting any love are just sitting sadly in the closet. It feels like a scene from a classic movie about toys that are sadly waiting in a box to be played with by their kid. Now that I have a cloth diaper that works for us, my new mission is to find new loving homes for our cloth diapers that may work for another family! Happy cloth diapering everyone!

Bio: Lisa Lopez is a mom to a 16 month old little boy named Maximus. She loves to write, and loves it even more when she can share info about things she loves. She currently lives in West Chester, PA with her husband of 10 years, her son, and 3 Australian Shepherds.

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Are they the covers or the AIO's that u like so much???