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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Diaper Liners: My Favorite and Why I Always Have a Roll on Hand!

Life is pretty easy in the cloth diaper world before solids. I even put off solids a little longer because I was scared of the poop. But I’m here to tell you, it is nothing to be afraid of, on the go or at home!

Finding a cloth diapering day care provider is a gem, but can you make their lives easier? Can you make your life easier when it comes to cleaning up a poopy diaper? Yes. Yes, you can. Enter, the disposable liner.

With disposable liners, cleaning poop up is a breeze. You fold it up, toss in the toilet, and flush. Now, as a plumber’s daughter, I do feel the need to tell you to be careful with this. Don’t ever flush disposable wipes, and before flushing disposable liners, make sure you don’t have old pipes with anything built up in them. No septic tanks! You can always just toss them in the trash instead. They are biodegradable so it’s better than a disposable diaper!

I have used both EcoSprout’s disposable liners and GroVia’s disposable liners from Kelly’s Closet. My favorite, hands down, is GroVia’s. They are a little larger than some brands, and so give great poop coverage. They also have a better price point! 200 on a roll versus 100 on most brand rolls. However, EcoSprout’s liners were nice, I just thought they got a little fuzzier during use, especially when used a second time.

What? Use them a second time? If the first time you used your disposable liner it wasn’t a poopy diaper change, then I will rinse it really well with hot soapy water, hang it to dry, and use a second, or even a third time! This helps cut down on using so many, and you never feel like you can’t put a liner on for fear of wasting it. Some will try to only put liners on when the baby is ready to poop. If you have a little one who has a great pooping schedule, that’s great, but I do not have one of those. He is often unpredictable and poops at odd hours of the day!

With any liner, you can leave the liner sticking out of the back of the diaper, to ensure that you catch all the debris. Yes, sometimes it will get on the diaper itself, especially if your baby was particularly rambunctious and the liner bunched. However, if you make sure you flatten the liner before snapping the diaper, and make sure it has full diaper coverage, you’ll have a very good chance of catching everything for easy disposal.

Another great aspect of the liners are that they still allow moisture through. This means that urine will not sit on top of the liner and leak out, and your baby will still have that stay dry feeling that most diapers give, without worrying that they will develop a rash from moisture. This does mean that you should be careful using these as barriers for certain creams. I know that it is popular to use them with creams that are not cloth diaper friendly, but I would be sure that it is not going to leak through on to the diaper before using them. Your better bet may be Bummis fleece liners for use with creams! We also use the fleece liners on top of our prefolds at night to make a stay dry diaper, so double duty!

Holiday traveling coming up? We never travel without our disposable liners. Who wants to lug around a wet bag literally full of poop? It’s either use a liner, put it in a wet bag nice and smelly, or dunk and swish in a rest stop toilet. I’m sorry, but I will not cross that line! Then, instead of a poopy full wet bag, you literally have a full WET bag! A liner answers this question, for us, hands down.

Anyone have any other creative uses for liners? Our family loves them!

BIO: Stephanie is a working mom to her favorite little boy. She loves babywearing, cloth diapering, and being as cruchy as possible!

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