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Thursday, March 5, 2015

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

When my husband and I decided to begin our cloth diapering journey, it was about half way through my pregnancy with my second son. I tend to be a little *ahem* obsessive over research when trying something new (when we went to Disney World I prepped for six months and actually watched documentaries about Disney World to ensure we had the most comprehensive experience the happiest place on Earth could offer). Needless to say I dove right into the cloth diaper world, joining the Cloth Diaper Support Group on Facebook, questioning my friends who already cloth diapered, and doing so much brand comparison research my head hurt.

Now, after 8 months of cloth diapering day and night, I have a list of my favorite things. This is not a wish list, it's a list of my favorite brands/styles from the different varieties that we've tried on my son. I hope this insight can help other research and brand comparison enthusiasts make their own informed decisions.

My Favorite One-Size Diaper
I've tried WAHM one-sized diapers, KaWaii Baby, bumGenius, and Fuzzibunz and so far my favorite has been the bumGenius. I prefer the bumGenius because of how they fit on my son; they sit at his waist just right, they're trim, and they fit perfectly around his chubby little baby thighs. Every baby is different, so every brand of diaper is going to fit differently depending on who's wearing it. I still have a few KaWaii OS in my stash, but the bulk of my OS diapers are bumGenius.

My Favorite Fitted Diaper
Hands down, my favorite fitted diaper is the FuzziBunz fitted. I use these at night with a doubler and I've never had a leak with them. For newborn sized diapers I really liked the Rumparooz Lil-Joeys. They hold newborn/breast-fed liquid poo like no other due to the inner gussets, and since they're AIO diapers they are really easy to use while you're in the exhausted fugue-state of new parenthood.

My Favorite Cover
I've tried Flip, Thirsties, and Bummis covers and my favorite cover system is the Flip system. I use the Flip covers with their stay-dry inserts or prefolds. The Thirsties Duo Wrap came in second place in my heart, but I still use them on an almost daily basis. The Bummis Super Brite newborn covers were my favorite newborn cover. They have a dip in the front for the umbilical stump, and they're a breeze to use with a Snappi and newborn prefold.

My Favorite Wet Bag
I love love love my Thirsties wet bags. They don't leak, and in my experience has never gotten anything in my diaper bag wet, even when it's full. I've also used Planet Wise wet bags, but I prefer using their pail liners. In my experience the Planet Wise pail liners are less likely to become damp on the outside than the wet bags are. However, each brand is great and I'm glad I decided to experiment with both of them.

My Favorite Detergent
Detergent is one of those things in cloth diapering that every single person will have a different opinion on. Your wash routine and the type of detergent you use will depend on how hard or soft your water is, what you're budget is like, and if you have any special skin sensitivity needs. For me, bumGenius cloth diaper detergent has worked the best. We have slightly (very slightly) hard water, but I've never had a problem with stink or build-up with this detergent. I also recommend Rockin' Green, which has different formulas for different types of water.

Bio: Meridith is stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base with her husband Nathan, and their two sons. She is a stay-at-home Mom and fledgling blogger who loves reading, canning, gaming, and (of course!) cloth diapers

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Kenner said...

I'm super confused - Fuzzibunz doesn't make fitted diapers, do they?