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Monday, March 23, 2015

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We Love our Tots Bots Cloth Diapers

Tots Bots Easy Fits are one of our favorite diapers. They are one size diapers with the weight limit listed as 8-35 pounds. The older version (V3) are made of a minky material. I love that they are an all in one. However, they also have a pocket in the back so you can add absorbency if needed. The minky material is also very thin, so they dry so fast compared to our other all in ones. They dry overnight on the drying rack. They are super trim on the baby, and they fit our son early on. They also rarely stain for us. If they do stain, it washes out within a wash or two. They are so, so, soft too! The v3 versions also came with a fleece liner, that I wish they would bring back.

Tots Bots has since released a more absorbent version – v4. It is made out of a material they call “binky” - a bamboo and minky blend. They absorb so much more, but they are also a little bulkier. They run a little bit bigger than the minky version. They have also included a snap in booster for more absorbency. We have found that we can use the v4 version overnight with just the snap in booster – without any leaks. Our son is a heavy wetter, so this was an amazing solution for our nighttime use. They also dry pretty quickly, but not as quickly as the v3 version in my opinion.

These are my husband's favorite diaper since they are so easy to use. He prefers the velcro because they are very similar to using disposables. The Velcro is amazing and is just as sticky almost 18 months after we bought them. We still use the fleece liners from our v3 version with our v4 binky tots since we do find they can feel a bit crunchy at times if you line dry them. It's also easier to dump solids off the fleece liner in our opinion.

Overall, these are our favorite diaper, with bumGenius Elementals being a close second. They also have adorable prints, that keep bringing us back for more! When they are dirty, my husband will ask what happened to all the “good” diapers. They are the only ones he will stuff for himself if he needs to use them. They are just so simple to use.

We have purchased a few teeny fits to try with # 3. They are the Tots Bots version of newborn diapers. We are due in July, and we can't wait to try them. They are so cute, and look just as absorbent as the easy fit version. They teeny fits also come with a fleece liner – like the v3 version of the easy fit did. I hope that they work just as well as the v3/v4 do for us.

I cannot say enough good things about these diapers! They are definitely worth the price, so branch out and try them if you haven't yet. You won't regret it. They also hold their resale value really well. This is a huge advantage for when your child outgrows their diapers, or if the diapers don't work well for you. Enjoy them!

By Danielle

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