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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Favorite Bath Time Accessories

Bath time is a big deal in our house. With only one child at the moment, it makes it easier to try and sneak in some quality family time together as he splashes away in the tub. We have some go-to favorite bath accessories available at Kelly’s Closet that we always highly recommend to our new parent friends.

  1. Hip Peas Shampoo & Body Wash
    I was very excited when Kelly’s Closet started selling the Hip Peas line of products. The shampoo and body wash is our favorite natural product! Free of all the chemicals we don’t want to wash our little ones in, it suds up perfectly and smells great. I love using a double duty shampoo and body wash, to cut down on the amount of bottles that line the bath tub. While there can be sticker shock at first when you are used to buying other non-natural, commercial shampoos, one bottle will last a LONG time. The current bottle we have had for at least three months. A little goes a long way!
    Kelly’s Closet– $12.95

  2. Aden & Anais Washcloths
    Confession: I donated every single wash cloth I got for my baby shower to Goodwill because I fell in love with these. They are large enough that they even fit fully around Daddy’s hand, lather up very well, are super soft, and come with a nice loop to hang dry. The three pack is a perfect starter set. We’ve been using the same three for 17 months and haven’t noticed any wear and tear. I have another pack of three on my Kelly’s Closet Wish List though, because I want to have some for stays at the grandparent’s house!
    Kelly’s Closet- $20 for a 3 pack

  3. Aden & Anais Hooded Towel
    If you want a warm, fluffy, big towel to wrap your shivering little one in after they finish their bath, this is the towel for you. The quality of the towel is amazing. It’s not one of those thin cheap towels you find at any big box store that shrinks so unevenly that it won’t cover their body right. This wraps them up and dries them off like a pro.
    Kelly’s Closet- $34.95 for a towel and a washcloth

  4. Begin Again Bathtub Pals
    Bath tub toys are fun. But I never would have guessed that his favorite bath time toys would be the $4 animals I put in his Christmas stocking. He loves lining them up on the edge of the tub and making them fall and splash into the water. Made of natural rubber, I love that I can put them in the top rack of my dishwasher to get the squeaky clean and remove any built up hard water/soap residue. They also drain water really easily after bath time is over!
    Kelly’s Closet - $4

  5. CJ’s Butter in a Stick
    Second confession: I am not a fan of using lotion. I do not like to put it on, or feel it on my hands, and especially when he was a newborn, I always was afraid of lathering him up and then him slipping through my hands! (Crazy, I know.) So when everyone said to lather him up with lotion after a bath I said, um, no thank you. Now, I know this is a cloth diaper cream that normally goes on their tushie. But it has prevented me from having to put any lotion on him in 17 months! I label it so that I know it has never touched his diaper area, and liberally rub it on him after a bath. I make sure to get all spots prone to drying out in this dry winter weather: his knees, his elbows, his back, and even his legs! He always smells so yummy after he is lathered up with CJ’s. I absolutely love the convenience of the stick. I have also been known to steal his stick and use it on my dry elbows and cracking knuckles!
    Kelly’s Closet -$12
Armed with those 5 accessories, bath time is fun time for us all in our house. What are your essential bath accessories?

Bio: Stephanie is a full time work at home mom to her 17-month-old son. She loves trying to live as crunchy as possible while enjoying her Starbucks Americano’s with Heavy Cream. She’s mildly obsessed with cloth diapers and binging on Friends reruns on Netflix.

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