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Monday, January 5, 2009

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Product Focus: bumGenius

From Milk Crate to Warehouse
Jenn and Jimmy Labit started Cotton Babies, Inc. in 2002. The company and store are located in St. Louis, Missouri. Starting from a modest beginning in the basement on their home, Cotton Babies, Inc. has grown into a worldwide producer and wholesaler for a full-line of cloth diapering products. As of this date, they have designed to make cloth diapering easy for the modern family. bumGenius has grown to be the most requested product line in the cloth diapering industry. A full line of cloth diapering accessories compliments their best selling reusable diapers.

“More families are choosing to pamper their babies with cloth diapers because new materials feel more luxurious than disposable and innovative construction means they don’t have to sacrifice convenience or a snug fit”, said Jenn Labit, who created the bumGenius brand. “In addition to cloth diapers being more environmentally responsible and much more economical than disposables, they now are designed with features that fit today’s busy lifestyles. Our broad product base is designed to enable any family to easily cloth diaper their child”.

bumGenius - One size: Our Best selling Reusable diaper
bumGenius© one-size cloth diaper feature industry leading stretch-to-fit tabs and 3x3 snap down for adjustability. Our one-size design fits from birth to potty training. The comfortable fit and simple design male cloth diapering as easy as using disposables. This simplicity makes the bumGenius one size cloth diaper perfect for care provider who might be resistant to cloth diapering.

Cloth Diapering has never been so easy
The soft, waterproof outer fabric keeps the diaper just as trim on a newborn setting as it is on a toddler. Soft sueded inner fabric wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic with rolled out castings keep the yuck in a helps keep red marks away. Our unique covered pocket opening keeps wetness completely off your baby. After the diaper has been used, you can even void messes in your wet bag by rolling the diaper up and fastening the tabs before storage!

Available in 9 colors & one-size (approx. 7 - 35lbs)


bumGenius One Size Organic: Modern Diaper Design with Organic Cotton!
bumGenius© Organic cloth diaper feature a unique inner design with organic cotton plus industry leading stretch-to-fit tabs and 3x3 for adjustability. The comfortable fit and simple design make cloth diapering with natural fibers as easy as using disposables.

Only the best for your baby
Six layers of luxuriously soft organic cotton our unique loop design provide incredible absorbency wet dries quickly. The soft, waterproof outer fabrics keep the diaper just as trim on a newborn setting as it is on a toddler. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic with rolled in casings prevents leaks. After the diaper has been used, you can even void messes in your wet bag by rolling the diaper up and fastening the tabs before storage!
Also available in the same 9 colors and one-size

bumGenius All in One: New Stuffable ALL-in-One!
bumGenius© All-in-One cloth diaper are now better than ever! Featuring industry leading stretch-to –fit tabs and a trim design for perfect fit, we made better by adding our covered slot design. With our new stuffable design, this product dries faster and extra absorbency can be added for naptime or overnight. The simple one-step system of your all-in-ones ia an ideal solution for families with a child in a day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers! It really is as easy to use as a disposable diaper. Put it on your baby, wash, dry and re[use. No extra steps. No cover required.

Only the Best for your baby
Soft, sueded inner fabric wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin. The soft, waterproof outer fabric keeps the diaper incredible trim. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic with rolled in casings prevents leaks. After the diaper has been used, you can even void messes in your wet bag by rolling the diaper up and fastening the tabs before storage!
Also available in the same 9 colors and four sizes: XS, S, M and L.

bumGenius Bamboo Fitted: Super Soft, Super Absorbent, Incredibly Trim!
The luxury of bamboo combined with the reliability of our exclusive microfiber teryy soaker work together to make this diaper soft, trim, quick drying and ultra/absorbent. Our proprietary elastic at the leg and waist forms natural gussets to gently hug your baby’s body. Hook & Loop closures ensure a perfect fit every time. bumGenius© bamboo fitted diapers require a waterproof cover.

More About bamboo
Bamboo grows quickly and easily, without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is biodegradable, the fiber has a silky soft texture and absorbs an incredible amount of moisture. Bamboo fibers also have natural antibacterial elements that may help fight bacteria growth.

Available in Natural Color and 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L.

Baby Legs (Legs warmers)
They are fun accesories for every baby's wardrobe. Designed to coordinate with our diapers, and protects little crawling knees and makes diaper changes a breeze. Soft and stretchy designs fits most babies up to age two.

Adorable collection of baby wear designed to complement the diaper colors and babylegs. Available in short and long sleeve. Onesies are NB, 6mo, 12mo, 18mo and T-Shirts are 2T and 3T.

Flannel Baby Wipes
These are the go-to wipes for everyday messes. Soft enough for dirty bums and practical replacement for paper towels and napkins. Conveniently fit in wipes warmers too. Sold on packs of 12. Available in Natural color.

Bamboo Baby Wipes
Baby wipes that are made for little faces, dirty bums and for wiping runny noses. Made from extraordinary soft bamboo terry, also fit in wipe warmers. Sold in Pack of 8. Also in Natural color.

Bottom Cleaner
Gently cleans baby’s bum with the first wipe. Our proprietary formula is natural, paraben free, phthalate free and contains no tee tree or lavender oil. The light Clementine scent helps to reduce odors during diaper changes. Bergaptene free for those with sensitive skin.

Odor Remover
Quickly eliminates the source of odor-causing bacteria. Designed to eliminate the odors in diapers and diaper pails, it also works great on pet urine, trash cans and more. It is non-toxic and is completely free of chemicals, oils, detergents, perfumes and solvents.

Diaper Sprayer
Fresh new way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Its high pressure spray rinses clean the messiest diapers. The yuck goes where it is suppose to go – and your hands stay clean. Great for potty training too, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs. The adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth.

Traveler Small Diaper Tote
Was designed to hide in your diaper bag, just in case you need it. Measuring a compact 5” x 3 ½” but expands to 15” x 12”. Enough to accommodate 5-6 diapers or other wet clothing.

Pail Liner – Large Diaper Tote
Save the hassle of washing out messy diaper pails. It is just 6” x 5” in its integrated storage bag and expands to fit in just about any diaper pail. Expanded measurements are 59” x 27” x 12”.


Kelly said...

My husband hooked up the BG sprayer today - it seems pretty nifty! I didn't know so many products were made by the makers of BumGenius (like BabyLegs)! Interesting! I'm hoping to convince my husband that cloth diapers are the way to go when baby comes in February...he is skeptical. I'm thinking the BumGenius ones might be easiest for him to use on our baby and figure out. *fingers crossed*

Serena said...

bumGenius is virtually "THE" one-size fits all diaper! I've recently seen and heard from many new moms who have had leaking problems with their newborns diapers but after trying a BG they were amazed at how well it performed!

Personally, I was so heart-set on the BG I had ordered nearly 40 of them from Kelly thus far! It took me awhile to finally branch out and *test* other brands because I truly did love the BG. While I'm happy to have finally taken the plunge with other brands and types of CD- the BG remains my workhorse and is my dedicated nighttime diaper!

Shawna said...

Wow.. thanks so much for all that info! :)

Angela said...

I love these diapers. We have the BG 3.0 and my 9yo son even changes them. I wish I would have found them before baby #4:)

holly christine said...

this is the first time i've read that cloth wipes could be used in a wipe warmer...can you tell me how? is it only a specific kind?thanks:)

team krasean said...

I bought several BumGenius 3.0 for my third baby because I wanted to start cloth diapering overnight (which I didn't do with kids 1 and 2!!). Anyway, the BumGenius have worked perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone starting out with cloth diapering!

Cassie said...

Thanks for all the info on the bumGenius, it helps with finding the right cloth diapers for me.

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Holly Christine,
Basically you fold the wipes in half. We recommend the wipes warmer by Prince Lionheart.

Senior Family said...

BG rock!! I really want to try a OS AIO :) and i did not know their AIO -sized was now stuffable how cool !!!
go BG !!!

Sara in Seattle said...

We love the BumGenius, especially at night since you can layer them up so well, and they fit our baby so well!

Leigh Anne said...

Thanks for doing a BG product focus! I've been wanting to use these for a while now. We've been using PFs and Thirsties covers. I've been looking for a good AIO diaper and have heard good things about BG 3.0. I am hoping to purchase some soon.

one day in the life of me said...

I receive my BG diaper in the mail on Friday. I LOVE IT! It fits my dd better than the FB's. It looks like we will be making a switch soon.

Megan said...

I was just thinking this morning that I would like a product focus on BG diapers. That is what we are planning to use when our first makes his/her arrival in February. Thanks!

Angela said...

The wipes warmer is so easy to do... you can fold any cloth wipes in half or if they are larger, in thirds and place in the warmer(you want the ones with the pillow in the bottom, I think mine is EverFresh) I put in about 2 cups of water and one Babybits. It holds about 18-24 wipes and keeps them wet and warm for baby. My daught hates having cold ones now that she has been spoiled with worm wipes:)

Kelly said...

I love my BG diapers. I never have leaks and they are pretty trim. They are super absorbent and very easy to use, and I love there newer colors! I also have the diaper sprayer and it is awesome. In addition to using it for dirty diapers, I also use it for cleaning out the tub, rinsing my diaper pail, and a handful of other things. My next "to buy" item will be Baby Legs for sure! And when I have a second baby, I might buy some of the fitteds.

Katie said...

My husband was skeptical too. I even kept disposable diapers around, so that he could use those. It took him a little, but he loves using the cloth diapers now and even cleans the poopy ones!

Tanya said...

I LOVE my bumgenius one size diapers. They are the best. 'm slowly building my stash as I can afford to. I love that both my newborn and my toddler can use them comfortably. The new colors are very nice as well. Hoping they add even more soon.

mommasboys said...

I love your organic diap, it looks so soft! I actually have a couple of your 3.0 pockets and i really like how your larger flap covers the insert, unlike most others. They were actually the first cloth diaper i ever tried, and I am so glad that it was yours. If I had tried any of the others i have first, i probably would not have decided to make the switch to cloth. 6 mths now and still going strong, too bad it took me so long to figure out how great cloth is! Thank you!

Violet Gonzalez said...

I use BG one size on my 16.5 lb 4 month old on the largest setting. I am have trouble determining what size to get for their AIO. Any thoughts?

Stacey.Gonzalez @

Dani said...

bumGenius makes a great line of products, I've tried a few and your post makes me want to spend some of my christmas money! The new stuffable AIO is intriguing, my first CD's to use on B were the BG AIO, so I would love to try their new and updated version.

Their diaper sprayer is by far the best investment (aside from the actual CD's) we made. My husband is quite impressed with it, and I know that he would not be CDing without.

Thanks for the great post today! I'm off to visit Kelly's Closet....

Amanda said...

I missed out on using BG with dd (she's 3.5 and I already had a complete stash by the time they released their first dipes.) Two of my cd'ing converts used them and loved them, though, so I've bought a couple to try with this baby coming soon. I also have some babylegs and had no idea they were from the same folks -- geniuses, I tell ya!

EdenSky said...

bumGenius diapers really are awesome. I'm very happy to see they are branching out into more natural options with the organics and bamboo. I have heard they are coming out with a snap version too, is that true?

Shari & Andrew said...

I love love love the BG one size! This has become a staple product of our stash--it's very "huband friendly" and even the grandparents love using it! It's just as easy as a sposie!

Jess said...

I started out on BG3.0s & LOVE them I also really really love the bamboo fitteds soooo nice! The diaper sprayer is sooooo easy to use! I dunno about the bum spray my lil one gets a rash every time I use it so it sits in the dresser
Thanks for doing a focus on Jenn/CottonBabies & BG :)

Kira said...

I love my BG OS and am really interested in the organic one-size AIO. Does anyone have any feedback? Since they're quite a bit more expensive, I'd like to hear how people like them before I start adding them to my stash...

Erika said...

Wow- thanks for the Product Focus. That's great
to read about ALL their products.

I've already ordered a bunch of BG's b/c of the rave reviews but I'm also trying out other brands as well.

I can't wait for baby to come!!! Who knew I'd be this excited about diapers?!?

the momma said...

I love our BG 3.0 one size dipes and the diaper sprayer! They are fabulous!

MommyCat said...

I was so happy to see this product focus, I'm just getting started at cloth diapering and am planning to use BG 3.0 as the mainstay in my stash. Now that I've received a few, I can't wait for my baby to arrive! I'm also looking forward to trying the bamboo diaper, those look great!

JGRUMET said...

are snaps really available in the organic AIOs?

Amanda said...

We (DH, DD & I) love, love, LOVE Bum Genius OS 3.0 diapers! I started my stash with 18 diapers back in August. 6 Pink, 6 Yellow, 2 Blue, 2 Green & 2 white. (Why did I even get white? I never want to use them because the colors are more fun.) Orange & Lavender were 2 colors I would have loved to have as well but, they did not exist. So, imagine my excitement when I saw that they came out with the Clementine (orange) color! I just ordered 2 last week and I got them on Saturday. Yay Fluff Mail!!!! Now all they need to make is lavender and my stash will feel complete. ;) said...

I'd love to see some products for the older child w/ bed wetting issues. I'm been spending a fortune in good overnight disposables.

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Violet Gonzalez,
When my son was 4 months he was around 16lbs and we used the middle row of snaps on the BG. For the sized aio you would want the medium. My son is now about 18lbs and 7months and the medium is just perfect. The size large would just be too big on a 16lb baby.

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

PLEASE make the One Size pocket with snaps!

Chic Mama said...

Don't ya just love BumGenius?! Even though they are one size I find them to be so trim! I can't wait to branch out with this next babe and try more of their product line!

Katrina said...

We love our BG's. My stash includes 24 and while we were on vacation at Thanksgiving and used disposables (7th Generation) even my DH made the comment that he was looking forward to getting home and getting back to cloth. I also have the sprayer, and boy it that a life saver...I hate dunking and swirling dirty diapers!