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Monday, November 2, 2009

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Gro Baby- Buy 6, Get 1 FREE !

We are so excited to let you know that we are offering the Gro Baby One Size Diapers (shell sets) with a Buy 6, Get 1 FREE promotion!

The Gro Baby's are from the original production run and they are 2cm smaller in the front loop area versus the newest production run.

If you haven't tried this one-size organic cotton diapering system now is the time.

**This is an factory authorized sale permitted by The Natural Baby Co. for Kelly's Closet. Vanilla SNAP version is not available in this promotion. Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted. NO exceptions.


Upstatemomof3 said...

What a great deal!

Rocketgurl said...

I love the GroBaby system! I would definitely purchase these, but not yet! It's still a little too early to purchase items for my babies. I won a GroBaby shell and 50 soakers a few weeks ago from this blog and fell in love with GroBaby and cloth diapering. I'm a newbie, but finally got over some of my initial feeling of being overwhelmed by all the options. For me, this was a great intro to the world of cloth diapering. I'm sold!

Crystal said...

I would love to try these diapers sometime! They look like a wonderful system. Are they planning to come out with any prints?


aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

aysha said...

can you use regular inserts in place of the soakers that are meant for this diaper? i know you can use bumgenius inserts in the gdiaper, so i was wondeirng if this was the same concept.

Anonymous said...

These are the best diapers!

Cloth Diaperer Extraordinaire said...

Aysha: When you ask if you can use "regular inserts" instead of the soakers - which inserts are you referring to?

You can opt to use prefolds or any other form of absorbent insert if you want (essentially you would just lay it inside the diaper cover).

However, you cannot use micro-terry fiber as it should not be put directly against baby's bum!

aysha said...

thanks for getting back to me CLOTH DIAPER EXTRODINAIRE! I was referring to the microterry cloths. I understand not to place directly on baby's skin due to dryness it can cause...i have these fleece liners that I would lay on top of them (as i do with the gdiaps)I also have these pockets that i purchased online; u can put the inserts into them and lay it inside the gdiap. this eliminates the need for a seperate a seperate fleece liner over the insert. the pocket works essentially, well, like a pocket diaper! thanks for the info about the grodiaps.

Cloth Diaperer Extraordinaire said...

Hello again Aysha: I'm familiar with the "socks" which allow you to stuff inserts instead but provides a stay dry liner. The socks are a bit long so you may find they are a tad big to fit inside the Gro Baby, but essentially you could potentially made it work by simply folding over any excess.

If you're using a fleece liner over the micro-terry fiber then yes, you can potentially use those inserts inside the Gro Baby diaper as well.

I hope this helps!


cattail said...

What does it mean when it says they are 2cm smaller in the front loop area versus the newest production run. What is the front loop?

Cloth Diaperer Extraordinaire said...

Cattail: The front "loop" area is the fabric area where you fasten the diaper (so it's the front of the diaper where you would fasten the tabs).

Should you have any further questions please contact us