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Monday, January 4, 2010

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{Better for Babies} Product Focus

Better For Babies started out more like a concerned parent than a for-profit business. Leah and her husband Zac paid a lot of attention to the health and environmental aspects of what they eat and what they wear. When it came time to buy cloth diapers and other baby products, they couldn’t find exactly what they wanted, so they brought out the sewing machine and drafting paper to make their own! As they've learned more about organics, fair trade and the world in general — they’ve become increasingly committed to designs that unite planet-friendliness with innovation. It really is possible to make better products that also are good for the world.

When Zac was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological illness, Leah and Zac made Better for Babies their family business so Leah could stay at home with the children, help Zac out and run the operations. The course of Zac’s illness was (and is) devastating. But the family learns peacefulness, acceptance, and love from him each and every extra day they get to spend together.


Their first product, the acclaimed Little Beetle Fitted cloth diaper takes its inspiration from the ladybug, a critter Leah and Zac greatly admire. The ladybug has an outer wing to trap moisture and protect its soft hind wings and underside. They’re very proud that the ladybug-inspired diaper has become the number-one rated fitted cloth diaper on DiaperPin.

The Little-to-Big wool covers were invented and released last year, and are made of 100% domestic organic merino wool. Our colored wool is dyed with 100% non-heavy metal, low-impact, environmentally-friendly, fiber-reactive dyes.

The LtB wool cover is hand made in the US from scrumptiously soft, fashion grade Organic Wool Jersey (wool is certified under NOP/USDA). Elegance in a turned and top-stitched design. These covers provide a great natural cloth diaper cover option. They are designed to fit best over Little Beetle Fitted diapers or a similar trim low rise diaper. They also work well with most prefolds.

We find that design intelligence and environmental intelligence go hand in hand. All {Better for Babies} products are 100% natural and organic, reusable, and all are either fair trade or domestically grown and made - providing high quality products designed fit your little one every step of the way!

* Little-to-Big Beetle {fits now - grows later} One Size Fitted Diaper and Wool Diaper Cover
* Little Beetle Learners {training pants}
* Wool Wet Bags and much more!


Megan said...

Hearing their story makes me really want to support their business. I'm glad it's going so well for them. I've just recently journeyed into the world of fitteds after having only pockets. I'm still not sure what I think.

Owen's Mom said...

I love Merino wool! It is my favorite fiber to knit with and I would love to try one of those covers.

I am inspired to hear your story. I decided to stay home because of my children's medical conditions (manageable but time consuming) so, I love to hear other stories like this. Thank you!

Christina said...

I've been wanting to try wool, and this just might be where I start! Also, I'll definitely be praying for Leah and Zac's family!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I have to agree with Megan... Their story makes me more eager to support them! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Day said...

I have been thinking about trying wool for nighttime diapering. When I finally make a wool purchase, Better for Babies will be my first one! Supporting a family like Zac and Leah's gives even more meaning to cloth diapering.

Arizona Girl said...

They sound great. Now another product to add to my growing wish list.

Alycia said...

What a great story! I love our Little Beetles Hemp Fitteds and now I just love them that much more knowing how they came to be.

Stories like this are what really portray what cloth diapering truly is!