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Sunday, October 17, 2010

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The New BabyKicks 3g Diaper Goes Viral

We have some exciting news to release to everyone! As you may already know, BabyKicks officially launched our new 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper a few weeks ago! We have taken our already amazing Bumboo Pocket and modified it to be, what we consider, one of the best Pocket Diapers available. We are very happy to make the new 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper available to everyone and hope you enjoy it just as much as we do! This new version of our pocket diaper boasts all the benefits of the original Bumboo Pocket Diaper such as: A one size design Super soft fleece leg gussets for air flow Bamboo rayon inner lining Front stuffing pocket And, included hemp JoeyBunz insert.

But, what’s even better about the new 3g Bumboo Pocket is that is has been modified and improved to a stellar degree, and boasts new features like:
  • A unique newborn snap closure for a snug and comfortable fit on the smallest babies
  • Wider pocket for easier stuffing
  • Thinner wings to accommodate those adorable, chunky baby thighs
  • Trimmer design for a more comfortable fit and chic look
  • New One Size JoeyBunz insert
  • And, consumer chosen BOLD and BRIGHT colors!
All of our colors were chosen by consumers, and there are NO pastels. The new colors are Meadow (green), Poppy (red), Azure (blue), and White w/multicolored snaps.

Along with the 3g Bumboo Pocket launch we want to “Make cloth diapers go VIRAL!” and we are releasing 4 short comedic videos to help spread the word. We are using a fun and edgy approach to promote our new 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper and cloth diapers in general to the public mainstream. In addition to our viral videos we will also introduce a BabyKicks computer game which allows consumers to accrue points towards discounts and gift certificates on our products!

We have even designed a whole new website dedicated to the 3g Bumboo Pocket and our signature Organic Fitted cloth diapers. The new site is full of fun animations and useful information, and was even specifically designed to be “daddy friendly”.

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting ideas in store to accompany the release of our new diaper.At BabyKicks, we are always looking for new ways to excel our products and make them more comfortable, convenient, and dependable for parents. We know that every child is unique and we believe that each and every one deserves unique pampering. This is why our new 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper is natural and organic, and available at an exceptional value of only $18.50 each. We are very excited about this new phase of BabyKicks and we hope you will help us spread the word about cloth diapers as well as the new 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper!

But wait, we have one more surprise for you! In addition to our three new bright colors we have a FOURTH color that is available only at Kelly’s Closet! This color was the most requested of them all. And it is (drum roll please)…. Chocolate Brown! This version of our 3g Bumboo Pocket will also be available with a variety of different colored snaps including orange, pink, green, and brown! We hope you enjoy our new 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper, no matter which color you choose, and we look forward to continuously helping make babies healthy and happy!Sincerely, Your BabyKicks Team


Punkin Pies said...

I love these! I have the chocolate in orange and lime snaps! Its the diaper I always want to reach for.

Christi said...

It's amazing how much Cloth Diapers are changing. This looks like a great new way to cloth.

Alycia said...

Awesome! These are hands down one of the BEST diapers out there, if not THE best. The fit is amazing and the fact that it's a bamboo inner is just the icing on the cake. I have two chocolates heading my way and I can't wait!

piratepenny7 said...

I have ordered two of these daipers and am excited to try them out. :)

piratepenny7 said...

I have ordered two of these diapers so I'm excited to try them.

Cheryl said...

i LOVE my 2 chocolate brown with pink snaps!!!! :)
it looks super cute and stylish and it works great too!
Super trim! fits her chuncky chuncky thighs!! and held up through car seat and stroller during a zoo trip!

The Smith Family said...

love the new colors - but i can't seem to get my babykicks diaper to fit my 8 month old right. i love how soft the gussets are - especially when she was a newborn (at the time i wanted to swap my stash for all babykicks) but now i have the diaper on the largest setting and i can barely get it snapped closed. anyone have a suggestion?

Anna said...

Got a freebie with my order...chocolate brown/pink. LOVE it!!!