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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like Tweet

Have you recovered from your Twitter High?

Twitter High:  That feeling that you get (good or bad) after attending a and Eco Chic Parties Twitter Party

On Tuesday, October 26th over 400 of your closest friends and cloth diaper users addicts met on Twitter for a spooky Halloween celebration - #FluffNTreat!  We’re all just big kids and really enjoy Trick-or-Treating so DiaperShops decided to fill our treat bags with lots of fluff and other exciting cloth diapering accessories and baby products.  The good thing about these treats is that they won’t add an extra inch to our waistlines like that bag of candy that’s sitting on my counter from Halloween night. 

Interesting statistics
  • 754 RSVPs
  • 3,781 Tweets
  • 416 Contributors
Top tweeters (besides our hosts and sponsors):
  • @Taprilcrosier – 60
  • @SAHMofDQ – 57
  • @fancynancy - 49
With over 40 prizes to be given away from Diaper Shops (thanks @EcoChicSidekick for all her work on the prizes) and their fabulous partners in crimes we decided to extend the party an extra hour – that’s right we talked for TWO full hours.  Tweeting this much is considered a crime by Twitter and led many of us to experience Twitter Jail!  Yes, Twitter thinks that you should only be able to chat so many times before they block your account.  Being moms we’re so resourceful and have back up accounts for working around Twitter Jail – it’s like a Get Out of Jail Free card! I know many of the party attendees ended up in jail but so did @EcoChicParties and @RockinGreenSoap. 

What did you miss during the party?
  Did you know you can go back and read the transcript of tweets from the evening? allows us to save the transcripts so we can view them later.  Here are a few of your comments.
  • Gville: Wait I can use Tweet Deck from my iphone…THIS IS FANTASTIC…I won’t miss the party no matter what!
  • Whatmamawants: This is fun, even if it makes my head spin!
  • SAHMofDQ: Work on blog or stay and chat…though decision…chatting wins!
  • Pinktiedninja: Funniest moment was after he got his first cd on, Lyric went straight to the box of disposables and threw them.
A big thank you to all of the party participants but also to the featured guests who provided the fabulous prizes.  Please remember to show them a little bit of love on Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even buy your favorite new find at

Featured Guests:
  • @rockingreensoap
  • @bummis
  • @fuzzibunz
  • @kissaluvs
  • @cuteybaby
  • @groviadiapers
  • @bamboobies
  • @mealplanningmom
  • @monkeytoeshoes
  • @undercover_mama
  • @textmessagebaby
  • @thirstiesinc
  • @happyheinys
What was your favorite part of the party?  What was your favorite prize?  Were you new to Twitter; did you survive your first party?  I heard a rumor that is considering another Eco Chic Parties early in 2011 so please be sure to sign up to the Eco Chic Parties newsletter so you won’t miss a single party announcement.  


Clay Family said...

I am a new follower so I was so bummed to hear I missed out on such a great event! Hopefully next time :)

Mama Bennie said...

I loved being at the party, even though I was going blind because the 2 year old broke my glasses. If there is another 1 in early 2011 sign me up! Maybe I will actually win something at that 1. :) Nothing like chatting about diapers and winning prizes.

Jill said...

The hardest thing was trying to follow all the different people. I finally just followed eco chic and diaper shops and left it at that. I had 4 or 5 windows across. I told some other people how to do that on tweet grid and that REALLY helped them out. Maybe a 'pre done' 6 across grid next time with 2 or 3 sponsors in each one, and a separate 'back up' grid for the twitter jail folks, so people can just tap into it, instead of having to redo it every time tweet grid crashes, etc. (apologies if there was one already, I just didnt see one!--but I've used ones in the past and it was really nice to have that in your email so all you had to do was click it if it had died!)

ShortyRobs said...

It was great fun! I def worked my tail off picking the winners (I'm aka @EcoChicSidekick). Thanks so much to all of the awesome sponsors for making this event so successful!

Sarah said...

I literally just had joined Twitter for your party...and it was VERY overwhelming being new not only to Twitter but trying to learn TweetGrid too. Next year I'll be more Twitter savvy and hopefully win too!

Erica said...

I wish I could have joined in, but I looked at it and I don't even know how to twitter and it looked too confusing to me to attempt.

Stacey Ho said...

I just got my bummies tot bot with heart cherries I won and can't wait to wash and wear it (ok put it on my LO). My husband literally thought I was NUTS for tweeting during dinner until I shouted "I WON SOMETHING" like it was my team making a touchdown (then I think he got it). I'll put up pics on my blog when I get her in it - thanks!

Angie said...

My husband I both partied - but HE won a FB Perfect Sized Diaper. We just got it from Fed-Ex TODAY - a Medium Crushed Berries.

Thanks, DiaperShops!