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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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A year in cloth

I'm feeling a bit sentimental on this, the one year anniversary of our cloth diapering adventures. We have two children, and although I had intended to cloth diapering my son (now 8) with some wonderful prefold diapers (which we still own), we never really fell into it except as a part-time solution.

Those diapers still earned their keep (and really, with prefolds, you can't go wrong. They'll almost always earn their keep), which is why my husband and I were willing to re-try cloth diapers on our second child using the newer, modern cloth diapers. In particular, we wanted to try out the one-size pocket diapers. We started out with seven one-size diapers, and it was love at first sight.

Our daughter is now 14 months old, and just passed her one-year mark in cloth diapers. That first diaper was a Happy Heinys One-Size, and it held everything my breastfed daughter could throw at it. You can see her in the picture I proudly posted to Facebook that day with the caption, “2 months old - 1st day in the new cloth diapers. All went well!”

Reaching Stash-isfaction
We really liked our Happy Heinys, but our daughter was (and still is) tiny. The Happy Heinys were almost too big. So when we ordered our overnight diapers (Thirsties Duo Sized 2) and received a free FuzziBunz One Size diaper as part of a Kelly's Closet Promotion, we were ecstatic at the size difference. The FuzziBunz One Size seemed smaller and fit her smaller frame so trimly that we weren't sure they'd last 6 months before being outgrown. Luckily, they do fit a range of sizes and at 14 months, there is still plenty of room to grow.

And this is how we reached stash-isfaction.

Overnight Diapers:
Thirsties Duo Size 2. (5 diapers) Since we never started cloth diapering at night until our daughter was 4 months old, the Size 2 made sense for us. We really like the dual-layers of microfiber and hemp-as-soft-as-your-favorite-tshirt for overnight. And as it turns out, the overnight diaper is the only one we like Aplix closures on.

Around the house:
Flip One Size Covers (5 covers) with homemade inserts (18 inserts). The homemade inserts were made using an hourglass shape. One layer of fleece, 2-3 layers of microfiber, and 3 layers of old tshirt can be zig-zag stiched together or serged for a cute and economical (less thatn $1/insert) insert.
Cloth-Eez Workhorse Diapers (12 diapers). I picked these up at Green Mountain Diapers, and look forward to the day they'll be available at other retailers. You couldn't ask for a more durable and economical fitted diaper.

Out of the house:
FuzziBunz One Size (9 diapers): You can't beat the color selection on these bright and cheerful pocket diapers. I love them for quick changes away from home, and for their unbelievable trimness under jeans. And they look absolutely adorable under dresses.

Quantity-wise we have more than we need (especially counting the homemade inserts) but flexibility-wise, it's just what we want.

What did it take, or what would it take for you to reach stash-isfaction?

By Angie S.


Angie S. said...

Just a note from the author!

You can get away with zig-zag stitching a hand-made diaper insert using the specified materials (fleece, microfiber, and old t-shirt) because none will fray after the initial wash.

(AFTER the initial wash is key - cutting microfiber leaves my sewing room looking like somebody has just plucked a duckling).

nicolesspirit878 said...

I was checking out your blog today to say I wrote an entry about out 18 month journey in cloth and your blog is about your anniversary, very funny. Anyways I mentioned your blog as one of my favorite reads. I enjoy reading.

whocg23 said...

There are still some diapers out there that I really want to try out, like Fuzzibunz. I think for stash-isfaction i would end up with at least one diaper of maybe twenty different brands/kinds. LOL I would also like more GroVias and to try flips for flexibility when out and about. Thirsties diaper would also be a bigger part of my stash. Oh my, there are so many ways I could take my stash it isn't even funny, but I am also a fluff addict. :)

Nicole said...

Could you do an entry on how to make the homemade inserts? I know you sort of explained but maybe a step by step with pictures? I'd love to see!

adamswifey said...

that picture is SO adorable. what a cutie.

Angie S. said...

Nicole - I'm working on a tutorial for the inserts. I'd decided that my sewing machine was possessed so I'd taken a break from it (after finishing the mad Christmas-Eve sewing marathon), but I think it's time I face down the sewing machine and finish that tutorial.

Lara + Chris said...

Congrats on a year! That's pretty exciting. :) I'd also be interested in the insert tutorial.

Tent Revival said...

I wish they had flips that were sized. they are our most leak proof covers, but i hate the bunchy snap down rise. it just looks like a mess all the time. i'm tempted to try bummis super lite, but we've not had good luck with the fit of bummis, and i've almost totally switched to home made, but the designer cotton covers wick more than i would like. i recently made some hemp fleece trifolds and they are my favorite inserts so far.

Heather said...

We just completed our first year in cloth diapers as well! I'm loving them:-) We have gdiapers (they are what we use most), dinkledooz for night and out, and bottom-bumpers and babykicks 3g for babysitters... I love my dipes!

Lintz said...

My sister in law introduced me to the flip system but I have held off in buying them because I am still going off of gift disposables and cloth is so expensive. I never thought about making my own inserts and the idea is very exciting! Thanks for the idea!

Kayz Kreations said...

OMG you are so AWESOME...I was unable to do CD with my first because my hubby has a sister 7 yrs. younger and he HATED having to deal with her cloth. Also I hod no internet to research and how him how much they've changed. Well now I am switching over my SIL while I pine for #2 of us and I have been able to show the hubby and he's on board. So I made my Perfect stash list and it almost to the TEE matches yours!!! I want 12 Fuzzi Bunz 4 Flips and 4 Thirsties ;o) I am soooo glad to hear that this mix is a good assortment. Also I was given 4 sets of flannel sheets that I am going to sew up into a bunch of Prefolds, insets and wipes.

YEAH, you have made me feel more confident than ever that I have choosen a good stash ;o)