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Monday, March 21, 2011

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Changing Station Cheat Sheet

Hi! To help my babysitters, grandmothers, and helpful visitors willing to help with diaper changes, I created a "Changing Station Cheat Sheet" by taking photos of the different aspects of cloth diapering. I printed out the chart and then had it photocopied and laminated to put up in the baby's room by his changing table. It's been a big hit! (And a big help!)

Thanks so much for changing the baby… here is a little guide to help you with the process!

Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5119.JPG
HEMP FLATS!! Flats and prefolds are so simple. Basic, basic, basic. You can either fold these around the baby and secure it with a Snappi or simply fold it in HALF or THIRDS and lay it in a COVER.
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5121.JPG
FITTEDS! These are similar to flats but they have snaps or Velcro. They also need a COVER! Just like the flats, make sure there is no cloth sticking outside the cover – tuck it all inside so that there is no leaking. Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5117.JPG
POCKETS! So easy!
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5130.JPG
POCKETS are really easy to put on & take off. A pocket diaper has a pocket that is stuffed with an INSERT. When it is dirty, just shake the insert out into the diaper pail.
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5136.JPG
Time to change the baby… Just spray a little water or Diaper Lotion Potion directly on the baby or on a CLOTH WIPE. If you need a little something “extra” use the no rinse Physio-bebe lotion from Mustela. Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5124.JPG
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5134.JPG

NIGHTTIME! Take a POCKET and stuff it with an extra HEMP DOUBLER.
After you DOUBLESTUFF a POCKET, put on some WOOL LONGIES. Wool is great because all you need to do in the morning is turn them inside out, and let them get some air.
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5127.JPG
Nighttime for the BIG KIDS… More of the same… take a POCKET, stuff it with a hemp DOUBLER … or put on a pair of SUPERUNDIES – no insert needed. (I keep the big kid overnight diapers in a separate basket!)Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5109.JPG

Erin Brighton - Charlotte, NC


Andrea G. said...

OOHH that's a good idea! I think I'll make one too.

When I asked my husband right now if I should he said "if you don't be prepared to come home at the end of the day and find diapers strewn about, me in the corner crying, and our baby wearing a towel secured by duct tape"

Malinda and Del said...

Sometimes I think my husband needs one of these ;) What a great idea!

Stacey Ho said...

I had one of these for daycare (where to snap and when to use liners, etc.) that worked well and one on washing by the laundry machine just in case someone thought they would be helpful by "washing" them for me. It did seem to really help.

ericarae said...

What a great idea - my husband and I are almost the only ones who have ever changed our daughter (while in cloth). A few brave aunts and once or twice by a grandma, but everyone excuses themselves because it is "too complicated." Definitely doing this when number two arrives and family comes to "help."

erin_b said...

Andrea! My husband and your husband must know each other! :-) Glad you like it - it really is handy.

JulieMS22 said...

Awesome idea. I need to do this for my sibilings who want to help with baby but have NO idea what to do with cloth diapers.

Lara + Chris said...

Ha, I totally need one of these for my hubby. He's on board with AIOs with aplix but anything behind that he starts to look confused and gets distracted. haha

Breeana said...

What a cute idea! Cloth diapering is so intimidating to so many people... I'm still learning a lot!

Tent Revival said...

i sooo need to do this. whenever my mom comes over she puts my kids in the disposables i keep for overnight on my tiny heavy wetter. she acts like it's just too complicated to figure out. when i bring him with a diaper bag with only cloth she always puts the covers in the wetbag even when they're clean. then they get all smelly and i have to do laundry sooner. this might help a lot.