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Sunday, April 8, 2012

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The Adventures of Captain Fluff

Meet Captain Fluff. His mommy decided to use cloth diapers before he was ever born because baby superheroes only wear a cape with their diaper and cloth diapers are way cuter than disposables. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. You see, not everybody knew that this baby was going to be the all mighty superhero, Captain Fluff, and so there were problems.

There were lots of rude comments and remarks made to Captain Fluff’s mommy before he was ever born about using cloth diapers. However, Captain Fluff’s mommy stood her ground and announced loud and proud to anybody who would listen that her superhero baby would be using cloth diapers! (Captain Fluff thinks that his mommy might have a little superhero in her too.) Luckily Captain Fluff’s grandparents were not among the ignorant people who condemned his mother for using cloth diapers. In fact, they encouraged her and said they would help!

Since the day Captain Fluff arrived home from the hospital his grandparents have been showing his superhero diapers off to anybody and everybody. They couldn’t be more proud that his superhero butt doesn’t get diaper rash and that their superhero grandbaby is also helping to save the planet one diaper at a time! Captain Fluff’s grandparents have even been known to educate others about how easy modern cloth diapers are, how cute they are, and how to use them. (They have also been known to change plenty of superhero cloth diapers and even buy a few extras. After all, superhero babies can never have too many cute cloth diapers!)

Captain Fluff’s grandparents make sure that they always have the proper supplies on hand just in case he decides to fly by for a visit. They always have a wetbag ready for his not-so-super superhero diapers that need to be washed, they keep a generous amount of superhero cream on hand just in case it’s needed (normal people know the superhero cream by a different name-CJ’s BUTTer), and they’ve even got some extra-special superhero wipes ready to save the day!

Yes, it’s true. Captain Fluff has incredible superhero grandparents and convincing them to use cloth diapers was never an issue. Maybe they are just super cool and realized how cool cloth diapers are? Or maybe Captain Fluff used his superhero powers to change their minds? I guess we’ll never know.

Katy is a first time mommy who loves showing off Captain Fluff’s fluffy butt to everybody. To see more pictures of Captain Fluff and his superhero fluff check out Katy’s blog at

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PerryPack said...

Nothing's too good for our Super Hero grandson!