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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Taking Cloth Along-A Really Great Option!

After reading other inspiring stories of people taking their cloth long distance, I decided that I too would pack my fluff when my daughter and I flew to meet my niece. I am so glad I did! I always take cloth on the road, but have never flown with it, or used it away from home for an entire week.

When I looked at luggage space, I knew my favorite pockets and AIOs probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Although I find them the most user friendly, they aren’t exactly space friendly. I needed all the space in our luggage I could get to take gifts to meet my new niece, born exactly six weeks after my own baby!

As I thought about the trip, I decided on six pockets/AIO’s to put in my diaper bag. To save money I opted for layovers in our travel. Quick changes in tight spaces were in our future. I took a Thirsties Duo, two Happy Heiny minis, One Thirsties AIO, one small bumGenius AIO, and one bumGenius one size pocket diaper. All but the last diaper are sized, and were the smallest options I had. I also packed a few cloth wipes and a small wetbag.

Next I decided what to put in our checked baggage. I decided on fourteen prefolds, two snappis, and four Thirsties covers. I now had enough diapers for 20 diaper changes-what my twelve week old daughter used in approximately two days. Next up was some cloth friendly diaper cream, more wipes, two more small wetbags, and a large wetbag. I also put a small container of Rockin’ Green in my suitcase for laundry. Another item I packed that wasn’t for diapering, but was a must-take was my Moby Wrap. If you don’t have one, Kelly’s Closet sells them and they are wonderful. I never leave home without it.

Not only were diaper changes do-able and just as easy as if I was out on a daytrip, they gave me plenty of opportunities to share the cloth love. I had questions from many people who saw me changing my daughter, or noticed her cute tush when it got really warm on the airplane. Many people were really surprised to see how easy cloth really is. My daughter traveled really well, and I sat by several grandmas on my planes who were more than happy to lend a hand when needed.

Once we reached our destination I was really excited to meet my niece. My sister-in-law has decided to use cloth and we enjoyed comparing fluff. In the end we just shared wetbags and laundry. She uses mostly Econobum and Mother-ease so our stashes are easy to tell apart. She also has a couple of pockets, but her diapers are much newer than mine. When we spent an afternoon at the beach, both girls sported Bummis swim diapers.

Together we had the opportunity to visit a newly opened natural mothering store that had cloth diapers. I was able to touch and “meet” diapers I’ve only viewed online and mentally select what I’d like to purchase next from Kelly’s Closet! One thing I discovered that was also helpful for her future purchasing was that in their humid climate AIO diapers took a really long time to line dry.

If you are deciding whether or not to travel with cloth, I’d encourage you to do it. I know it helps that I had a destination that was cloth friendly, but so many people have success stories that it is certainly worth a try!

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Emilie said...

How long was your flight? I'm going on an international flight over the Pacific in 6 weeks and I'm considering not doing cloth simply because I don't want to force everyone near me on the plane to smell his potentially super smelly diapers for a 15+ hour flight. Plus I don't know if my MIL is okay with me doing cloth diapers in her washing machine (that's where we would be doing laundry upon arrival). Regardless of whether or not I CD on the plane, I definitely plan on bringing them with us in the checked baggage so I can have them for as soon as we arrive at our final destination (we're PCSing with the military and won't be receiving the vast majority of our goods for a couple of months after leaving).