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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Cloth: Function + FASHION

We all know about the function of cloth diapers. For one, they keep all that mess off our floors and out of our little ones’ clothes, they’re reusable, they save us money, they make us feel good about our impact (or lack of impact) on the environment. But the perfectness of cloth diapers doesn’t stop there. Enter, Fashion.

Do you ever get photos taken of your little ones or decide to set up a photo shoot of your own at home? Don’t want or have the funds to buy a new pricey outfit? Perfect! Throw them into your favorite cloth diaper and call it a day!

Many babies and toddlers simply prefer to go pants-less, and when they’re wearing cloth diapers this is a non-issue. On impulse walks around our neighborhood, it looks like I put effort into my son’s t-shirt and diaper “outfit.” Same thing with quick trips to the mall and post office (to pick up fluffy mail, of course). Throw a diaper on and BAM, outfit. How many times have you seen their sposie counterparts ruining cute clothes (and I'm not just talking blowouts)? Baby girls in pretty tutus and dresses with a sposie diaper bum peeking out? And Baby Legs paired with sposies? Never heard of such an aberration!

If you’re still not sold on cloth after hearing story after story of their function and frugality, think about the countless fashion faux pas you’re destined to make all thanks to disposable diapers. Your future fashionista will be sure to thank you.

Tips for creating simple cloth diaper outfits on a budget: As fall nears frequent children’s clothing stores in your area and get your hands on the discounted summer t-shirts (try to buy colors that work well with the diapers you already own). Hint: I have found t-shirts at Old Navy for as low as $1.50. Layer with long sleeve tees and pair with Baby Legs as the weather gets chilly!

Amy D. blogs at Not Your Average Baby Blog, and has a wonderful husband and 15 month old boy. She loves cloth diapers, makeup and anything organic - Pictures used with permission from

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