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Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Keep Baby Close and Safe While Shopping in a Moby Wrap

“What do you mean the car seat won’t fit on top of the shopping cart?!?” My husband and I took our new baby on his first outing to the grocery store a few weeks after he was born. Just like we did with our other three kids, we brought him into the store still strapped in his car seat. As hubby struggled to get the seat to fit on top of the basket, I tried told help him out. “You must being doing it wrong, let me help.” We struggled with that cart and baby seat for a good five minutes before giving up. What the heck?? I researched so thoroughly before buying this seat! It had awesome safety rating and great reviews! Why on earth would they make a car seat that would not fit on top of the grocery cart?? Hmm…..maybe because it is not safe…duh.

When we got home, I got out the seat’s instruction manual and lo and behold it stated: DO NOT use in the seating area or across the top of shopping carts. So I did some researching online. According to the Academy of Pediatrics approximately 23,000 children are treated in the emergency room for injuries from shopping carts! Most of those injuries are caused by falls from the cart or by the cart tipping over. Well that makes sense…..maybe perching baby on top of the cart is not a safe practice after all!

My third child was born five years prior and this is what I thought was normal. That is where the car seat was supposed to go…..boy was I wrong. Even when we did it, I was always so worried about the cart tipping over because it made it top heavy. So now what?? How am I going to go to the grocery store with my baby? Enter the Moby Wrap. When I first bought the wrap I was a bit overwhelmed. It was a super long piece of stretchy cotton fabric. The first couple times I tried it on I wanted to return it to be honest. I thought, “I am never going to get this!” But the more I used it, the more I loved using it! Soon it became so easy to wrap! I could probably do it now with my eyes shut!

There are many videos online to help you learn to wrap and you can always call or email customer service if you have any questions or can’t figure something out. The first time I wore my baby at the grocery store, I was so surprised how much easier it made shopping. I put my newborn baby boy in the wrap while I shopped and he slept the entire time! I no longer had to worry about the cart tipping over with my baby in it! I now longer had to try to look over top of his car while I shopped to make sure I did not run over a little kid that has strayed from his or her parent! (I was always paranoid about that for some reason) I no longer had to get my baby out of his seat if he was fussy. He was so content and would almost always fall asleep and stay asleep the entire time I shopped. If he was hungry, I could nurse him discreetly in the wrap. Now he is nine months old and we still use the Moby Wrap when I go to the grocery store, the park, for a walk…..everywhere!

The first thing we bought when we found out we were pregnant was an expensive stroller/carseat combo. That stroller is currently collecting dust in our garage. I prefer to have my baby boy close to me, that way he stays content, I can easily respond to his needs, and I can smell and kiss him as much as I want! If I could do it all over again, I would have passed on that expensive stroller and just bought the Moby Wrap!

Bio: My name is Stephanie and I am mommy to four awesome kiddos! Loving life!

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Rosemarie said...

I'm a big fan of the moby (and I also use the ergo) for shopping. I never even attempted putting the infant carrier in a stroller because using the wrap was just so much easier , especially when you have another kid in the stroller. I'm surprised more people don't do this.